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Our history and development in the infrastructure and offshore sectors

  • We are focused on supplying staff for infrastructure and construction sectors; specialising in nuclear power plant projects. We focus at chosen industries to provide top-of-the-class experts in the areas and relevant experience to meet customer requirements.
  • We have proven processes to recruit and deploy large numbers of staff - often to a distant and demanding site in a fairly short period of time. The process often includes medical and security checks, safety and site-related training and support with administrative and housing issues.
  • We at FSO provide our clients with the best available staff for engineering, construction, maintenance and other special works.


We recruit top performers in construction, energy and shipyard industry for our clients. We are continually looking for experienced supervisors with good language skills.

Employment markets in Norway

Construction markets in Norway are continuously looking for professionals with good language skills. For instance construction workers, masons, plumbers and construction machine operators are in high demand. Both permanent and temporary opportunities are available.  


FSO's core business is HR services in the construction field. We are dedicated to constant development of our and our employees' know-how and expertise in this field. We are continuously searching for new opportunities and clients who appreciate workmanship, commitment and transparency throughout the entire supply chain. 

Corporate responsibility

We are committed to transparency throughout our processes. All our employees are employed in compliance with work and tax legislation in the project country, and we recruit them directly to our payroll through our own channels. This way our stakeholders can make sure that everything is done according to the laws and regulations, and employees' benefits and social security are appropriately taken care of.

We are committed to HSE (health, safety and environment). We do take responsibility of our staff during deployment, employment and re-deployment from the project. We offer our staff safety training to carry out offshore and onshore work. The training is tailored to meet the country-specific regulations and client's requirements.

Tax Footprint, Being HR company, we take special care on compliance. We follow all local applicable laws and regulations, with the best available references from Trade Unions. We apply Tax Footprint –principal, which means open-book principal with our customers concerning the payment of all administrative charges.

Quality Assurance, we are committed to QA and we co-operate with our customers from the beginning of recruitment process. Our QA policy ensures transparency of all our processes and proceedings throughout the entire projects.

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Search the available jobs or leave an open application. Prepare your application as fully as possible, and download relevant certificates and reference letters. Please call our country offices for further advice. 

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